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Edwin Speaks on High Performance

WHAT CAN PROVIDE THE FOUNDATION for a more powerful motivational speaker than someone who has reached the very pinnacle of the world of sports – an Olympic Gold Medalist – World Record Breaker – Sports Ambassador – an Athlete with the Longest Ever Winning Streak in the History of Track and Field – with a Mastery of Physics and Engineering Theory – and an MBA?

Imagine what you could learn about leadership, goal setting, unwavering focus, self motivation, determination and commitment to your goals.


Now imagine your next corporate event, conference, business event, management development programme, or corporate hospitality, being lifted to new heights wth the sheer presence of one of the world's most iconic Olympic athletes – Edwin Moses.


Edwin Moses is a professional speaker who motivates and captivates corporate and association audiences worldwide. Edwin has a message which is relevant to people everywhere, whether a corporate vice president or a child with a dream. There is no hurdle that cannot be overcome.


As an observer of sporting excellence, Edwin shares the stories of his academic and athletic triumphs as allegories to achieving excellence in one's personal area of emphasis. His presentations and speeches are individually tailored to suit the client's requirements, always incorporating humour and anecdotes to inspire and entertain the audience. With his wealth of experience in the high pressure world of competitive international athletics; and the equally high pressure of the worlds of finance; and the fight against performance enhancing drugs, Edwin's energy and motivation translates easily to provide a profound and perspective changing insight, into how to achieve success, what it takes to reach the top and how to stay there.


His keynote address "The Power of Quantum Performance" has had audiences captivated, and always receives enthusiastic reviews and standing ovations.


The Power of Quantum Performance motivational presentations, centers on creating the right environment within each individual: setting parameters for individual excellence and performance, incorporating mental, emotional and psychological preparation.


Edwin can provide expert direction on harnessing personal quantum performance to engage in the competitive environment effectively and effortlessly – leading you to have the preparation of a champion.


As a thought-provoking and influential speaker, he is highly sought after by organisations eager to benefit from his inspirational presentations. Over many years, he has presented to sponsors, major brand groups, educational and banking institutions, corporations, medical organisations and sports industry groups all over the world. Edwin also makes the perfect speaker for keynote
and after dinner speeches, annual management events, international conferences, public seminars, incompany workshops, etc.


In his capacity as Chairman of the Laureus World Sports Academy and Sport for Good Foundations he regularly represents his organisation in media, including radio, print, video documentaries, television and voice overs.


How can you harness the power of your own performance?


To book Edwin Moses for your event, or to discuss your requirements further with one of our consultants, please contact us via the inquiry form below or call our temporary number which will change shortly after the Beijing Olympic games 1-678-705-1985


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